Alberta Street Pub
Alberta Street Pub

Like many designs, these lights are the product of an in the moment desire for something practical and the artistic inspiration born in that moment. Brendon Piskula has been an artist, builder, craftsman, and libations connoisseur for over a decade. While overseeing and finishing the remodel of the Alberta Street Pub, in Portland, OR, with his company Brahdy & Brahdy Custom, Brendon was asked by the owners what they should do for lighting. Good question. He literally went to the pub’s recycling bin and saw not just the raw materials, but a stylish and unique solution – beautiful upcycled pieces of art made from liquor bottles. Attractive Lighting was born.

Attractive Lighting’s other inspiration – friends. As we get together to visit over delicious food and spirited cocktails we continue to think about what looks good, and what tastes good. Brendon, tequila man, followed by the rest of us who make up the whiskey, gin, vodka and rare spirit connoisseurs. As lovers of fine spirits, when we get together, there is never a lack of beautiful and unique bottle-ware.


After the remodeling of our dear friends’ business and the debut of Attractive Lighting hanging lamps throughout Alberta Street Pub, the word got out and the lamps became not only a hit, but a fun story to tell. As we sat under the lamps at the bar drinking descendant cocktails of the bottles that hung above, we realized that this might become something to share, not only a story, but an opportunity for warm, thoughtful, and attractive lighting to make their way into homes and hearts.

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We hope that you can find in these lamps what we continue to find in our friends, perfected cocktails, and in the process of crafting something beautiful and unique.



Brendon Piskula

Brendon Piskula is a designer, craftsman, builder, artist, maker, and tequila aficionado. He runs Brahdy & Brahdy Custom, LLC, full-service design and carpentry, and is the mastermind of Attractive Lighting. Photo: Piskula who gives close attention to each detail as he crafts a new Attractive Lighting fixture. Contact us if you are interested in discussing an order.